Facts To Know About Volume Control In Android Tablet

Many people are still not familiar with most of the functionalities of the tablet. The volume settings of the Android tablet depending on the devices connected to it.

There are certain cases where the audio level imbalance will happen. The volume may change while connecting the headphone to the tablet.

When listening to the music, by that time the incoming call will come this increases the volume to greater levels. The following methods are used to balance the volume in the tablet.

Increasing the volume during the incoming call

The user is listening to music in a mild tone. At that time the call will come to the tablet. Now the speech from the caller’s end is not audible to the receiver.Facts To Know About Volume Control In Android Tablet3

This is the time where we have to adjust the volume control of the tablet. We have to increase the volume from the audio menu of the tablet.

There are also cases where the incoming call ringtone will not be heard properly by the user. For this again we must go to the audio menu.

Enter into loudspeaker mode and select ring volume. Set the volume to the maximum level to avoid inconsistency. The loudspeaker mode enables the user to increase microphone volume on Android tablet to a maximum level.

Balancing the volume during the call

The call is received from the tablet. The user is talking on the tablet. There may be a network issue during the call. This may lead to data loss and clarity will be reduced.

This data loss may occur when the speaker is driving during the call. The data loss may be compensated to a considerable level by adjusting the volume in normal mode.

This mode is changed from the audio menu and set the maximum level of audio. The user must know to change microphone settings on Android independently.

Changing the recording volume levels

The clarity of the recording is based on the volume levels. The imbalance in volume levels results in loss of data.

The recording option should use a high-end microphone on the tablet. The microphone volume levels can be adjusted using the audio menu.

The microphone option in the audio menu will boost microphone volume on Android tablet for clarity recording.Facts To Know About Volume Control In Android Tablet2

Final Words

The volume of the tablet gives a realistic experience. The hardware knowledge of the tablet is very important to maintain the tablet without service overhead. The user manual of the tablet should read before operating the Android tablet.