Drawing And Painting With Multimedia Tablet

Drawing and painting require lots of creative skills. The persons with the drawing skills will be noted only when their canvas is digitized.

There are various multimedia systems available to digitize the painting done by the person. These systems are cost consuming and cannot afford the drawing artist.

The Android mobile tablet with great memory will make this digitization process cost-effective. This multimedia tablet should be connected with the system for effective results.

The following methods are used to connect the tablet to the computer.Drawing And Painting With Multimedia Tablet3

Connecting the tablet through the wireless network

The wireless internet connection will provide the data in a larger range. Most of the multimedia tablets have a Wi-Fi connection option.

The tablet and the computer should use the same network. The Wi-Fi connection should be a trusted network. The Wi-Fi must be protected with a multilayer firewall.

The tablet configuration must be compatible with the mo0dem configuration providing the internet. This Wi-Fi option enables the tablet and system to connect wirelessly within the same organization. The user should know to access the server option in the tablet for internet connectivity.

The Wi-Fi card is to be attached to the system when the outdated system is using for connection. The flawless Wi-Fi connectivity is important to use a phone as a drawing tablet for improving the painting skills.

Establishing the connection with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth is the wireless connection between the system and tablet. There is no need for online networks in this connection.

The version of Bluetooth in the tablet and the system should be compatible to connect. The compatible versions of Bluetooth will be allowed by the security firewalls.

Enable the pairing option in both the tablet and system by selecting the visible port. The Bluetooth is the major advantage in phone vs tablet for drawing the comparison.

Utilization of tablet as the graphic tablet

Once the well-structured connection is established from the given methods. Then we have to share the screen between the tablet and systems.

There are lots of tablet screen sharing software are available. After screen sharing the appropriate drawing tools to be installed. The installation of various sketching tools will turn phone into a graphics tablet for creative drawing.Drawing And Painting With Multimedia Tablet2

Final Words

The configuration of a tablet and computer should be known before connecting. Persons must use advanced and cost effective software for drawing.

Ensuring the security methods to prevent unwanted intrusion should be adapted in both the computer and tablet.