Method To Connect Android Phone To The Printer

Mobile phones have become the new storehouse of data where we have plenty of files, photos, and documents stored.

Since the mobile phone is easily portable that is, we can take it anywhere and save a plethora of photos. But what if we want to print those photos or any other documents?

Your Android phone can connect with a variety of printers and print out your desired document. Here are the ways I connect my Android phone to the printer:

You can either connect your printer wirelessly or physically connect with your printer:

android phone

Printing from your phone wirelessly:

Luckily for the Android users, we have the ‘Printing’ option in our settings which makes it easier to connect printer to phone.

For printers that are connected to the network similar to that of yours using Wi-Fi, it will be easier to find. You can just tap the three dots on the top right and select ‘Add Printer’.

Once you find the printer that you are looking for you should select it. If the printer is connected to cloud print it will be easier.

Select the document to be printed and your work is done! Some printers have their own applications that you need to install in order to print.

Connecting my Android phone using USB:

To print from Android phone, you can also use a USB cable and directly connect your phone but there is a limitation.

The Android users have to install a third-party app to proceed and you will be asked to pay a certain amount of money to continue. There are no apps currently available for free.

Since the printing process for Android users has simplified over time one can try printing wirelessly. I personally use the cloud print to print out the desired document.