Robots In The Workplace: Pros And Cons

Robots were known to be used only in industries involving heavy works such as the manufacturing industry.

But slowly this intelligent piece of machine is making its presence even in the workplace making human work even easier and increase productivity.

There are advantages as well as disadvantages for the use of Robots in the workplace. Here are robots in the workplace pros and cons:


  • Robots are a cost-effective solution for the human workforce. The company has to invest a smaller amount to buy a robot than to hire an individual.
  • Robots are never tired of doing any work and will increase the productivity of humans too.
  • Robot’s work can be far more accurate than humans and is not susceptible to making errors, unlike humans.
  • Robots can be customized into any kind of shapes and size depending on the requirement of the job.
  • Humans work in chemical industries surrounded by hazardous chemicals that can take a toll on the health of the professionals whereas Robots do not have any such issue they can work for hours without getting affected.


  • Robots do not possess emotional quotient that does not allow them to make a critical decision that will make the workplace lifeless.
  • We do not know the safety of using robots in the workplace. Without human intervention, there is a possibility of irreparable damage to equipment.
  • Even though they are not affected by chemical hazards they are still susceptible to technical errors that can also be an issue.
  • Their function depends on the algorithm and the program installed in it even a little issue can put the company in a complete loss.

Both the advantages and disadvantages of robots in the workplace must be analyzed before deciding to introduce robots in the workplace.